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We are Margriet Klees (1952) and Jan van Bekkum (1954). We live in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The first plans for an overland trip came up in 1977 during a tour through Morocco and Algeria over paved roads with a normal car when we saw groups of mainly Swiss Land Rovers traveling across the Sahara to Tamanrassat and Timbuktu. That we wanted to do too! One night talking in Namibia with a Dutch couple that came from Europe overland via West Africa helped to make the plan for overlanding more concrete. Although traveling through the Sahara is no longer possible, overlanding is. In 2013 we had the opportunity to retire and realize our dream. It did not remain a plan, but we’ve really done it!

About our LandCruiser: “Dappere Dodo (Brave Dodo)”

After we knew our LandCruiser a bit and knew what he can do, we gave him a name: “Brave Dodo”. It is our friend with whom we travel the world to experience all kinds of adventures and also our harnessed protection that brings us everywhere with his strength and perseverance.

TV series Brave Dodo
Brave Dodo was the title of the first children’s series on Dutch television, which was broadcast by the KRO between 3 February 1955 and 20 May 1964. The program revolved around ship boy Brave Dodo, who, together with his friends Kees, Uncle Harrie, the captain, Grandpa Buiswater and Miss Vulpen, toured the world and experienced all kinds of adventures. The producer took the name Dodo from the saint’s calendar. A total of 75 episodes were broadcast.


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