Dordogne, Baltics, Scandinavia (2013)


Do not ask about the logic of the route: the second major preparatory trip first went to the Dordogne. We went with a small group of the LandCruiser club for a do called “green lane” with mostly off-road and unpaved road driving. After completion we hoped to have sufficient off-road experience to begin the journey to Africa. Subsequently we went to Innovation Campers to have the (few) problems solved we had with the camper and then to the annual “Treffen” of the German LandCruiser club. We would miss Abenteuer Allrad and also Buschtaxi and with the experience we now had we much needed to talk again with people and look at their cars. The German meeting perfectly matched in terms of date and route. Then we went through Poland to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and from there through Finland and Sweden. On the way back we briefly dropped by at Innovation Campers for more issues to be addressed for our big trip.

The return trip from France fails on the map due to theft of the recording smartphone.

The reported distance in country is by approximation.

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