South America (2016-2017)

In November 2015, we shipped Dappere Dodo (Brave Dodo) from Namibia to Uruguay. Since the shipment took nearly three months we could start driving much later than we had planned. We took classes in Spanish for three weeks in Buenos Aires and eventually hit the road mid-February. As summer was already ending, we had to do the first section to the extreme south relatively quickly. We then went north hip-hopping between Chile and Argentina and subsequently on to Bolivia. After a short side trip to Peru we drove through Bolivia to Brazil through Paraguay and then up the coast to the Caribbean countries. Because we did not go to Venezuela because of the political situation, we traveled to the west coast again through Brazil and to Peru and from there via Ecuador and Colombia to the north. We decided not to go to Central and North America, but first to go back to the Netherlands for a while.More information about the countries visited can be found in the country section.

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